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My name is Paula and I’m a Quiltaholic.

I started sewing as a very small child. Mum was a seamstress so it was natural for me to start young. Mum taught me to sew by giving me the “good” tasks. I pinned the seams, clipped the chain piecing (I had to keep up with the fastest sewer in the world), and then take all those pins out. Its little wonder now I find every domestic machine is way to slow for my liking and I only pin what I absolutely have to!

I made both my formal dresses and with mum’s help my wedding dress. Then when my first child was born I revelled in making cute little dresses and some soft furnishings as I established a little family and lovely home. Fast forward a few years and mum starting talking about quilting. I checked it out and I was hooked! To date mum hasn’t finished a full quilt – I however lost count years ago.

We’ve had a few health issues to deal with in the past few years and I have to say quilting is what got me through the hardest parts. Angela Walters would be proud that Quilting really IS my therapy – its probably been more expensive though. I am always either making a quilt of some sort, a customer’s commission piece, completing the long arming aspects, or helping a friend or customer learn the basics. If I’m not at the sewing machine I’m at the computer designing or online doing a class. I gave up cooking, cleaning or doing washing a long time ago and made hubby take over! 

There’s simply too many patterns I want to try but I put most of my time and energy into the free motion quilting. That’s the part I absolutely love to do to most. To finish a quilt with an all over pattern is divine. For me that’s happiness. I get such a kick out of helping customers finish their hard work it makes my heart sing.  

So why not bring your hard work to me and together we’ll make Quilting Magic!

Looking forward to meeting you and finishing your creation.


Paula *

PS. I’m firmly in the court of finished is better than perfect. There’s two reasons for this: 

1.    I’m not a fabric snob – if it works then it works, cause in the olden days they used what they had and it all worked fine then, so if you want to use sheeting as your backing cause it’s a cheaper option that’s fine by me; and  

2.    “reverse stitching” or using a Quik Unpick was the other task mum used to teach me to sew. I can’t stand that job – if it’s my quilt then what others call a mistake I call a unique design used to enhance the outcome. I’m not out to win awards, I’m doing this to have fun and be in my happy place. 

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